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Cable TV Amp Education

Confused about what a Cable TV Amplifier is?
Need some straight information about all of the different models?

Not all cable amplifiers are the same.  There is a very big difference between the "cheapies" as we call them, and the high quality 1GHz cable TV amplifiers we sell. Read on further to learn more.

Cable TV Amplifier = Cable TV Signal Booster = TV Amplifier = Antenna Amplifier = Drop Amplifier = Drop Amp. These terms all mean the SAME THING when buying an Amplifier. 

"Cable TV Amplifier" DOES NOT = "Cable TV Equalizer", or "Drop Equalizer".
Some companies actually advertise Cable TV amplifiers as "Equalizers". This is incorrect. An equalizer is a very specialized product which I will describe below.

There are various Types of Cable Amplifiers.  Find out more about each:

Here are some characteristics of amplifiers which help determine how effective they are in providing a good, clean amplification of your signal.

The following are some typical examples of ways that an amplifier is used:

Make sure your cable amplifier supports frequencies up to 1000MHz.
If your amplifier doers not support 1000MHz it will eventually cause problems, especially with Cable TV Boxes and DIGITAL Cable. Electroline Amplifiers are professional TV/Cable signal amplifiers which provide a clean boost to your incoming TV/Cable signal. These amplifiers uses standard TV "F" connectors, and plug right in to your existing TV cable connections.


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